Rare dog names (female)

Hello, I'm looking for my dog, which comes next week, a super rare and short names. She is a Misichling and is great around 60 cm and is black. I'll decide at short notice as I call them, but I want to prepare a list in advance. LG CeLu08

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Look at this as the moons of the different planets in the solar system so glad because there is surely something.

Two-syllable names are best suited for calling. In addition, the name should not be popular (now seems like for every hot dog 2. Kira;)) - which could lead to complications .... The advice I got from my mom because she has chosen my name accordingly).

Otherwise, I agree with the proposals that you they first observe and then give it a name that suits their character and / or appearance - leaving you because all your intuition :).

My date only female named Liz (Lizzy called) - not exactly original, but she had such beautiful eyes as Liz Taylor and therefore I remembered the name of a very spontaneous - it is then left because she liked him apparently because she heard at first it: D.

My boys were called Bino, Chato, Benni (was previously so - did not want to rename it because he was used to it), Ole, Kojo and Zwille :).

You know the dog already, so you überleg what that might fit their type. If you not think of anything now, they call only once Sweet, Small, or otherwise. Then watch and give her the name that suits her.

Many foreign animals come up with a name in the vaccination certificate, which is altered in most cases.

It's the dogs really Latte, as they are called, they respond to the voice of their confidants. they register a new name quickly and know that they have to respond with attention. Nothing else happens when you call the dog's name.

Where do you want to know how big your dog is when she's a mix that ?!

Names are sound and smoke ... ^^ And if this is not so, then they will buy ... :)

My dog has already come with "prefabricated" name to me and now - with a little over three years - acquired more apt name ... ^^ :)

... To come on a name for your sweetness, you do not need "list" - but eyes open! Your sweet it does not matter, as you call! But they want to be seen! :)

... Otherwise: The net is full of "name" ... ^^

Ashlyn, Stacy, Coraly, Candy, Jaicy, Lynn, Jamie, Gianna, Jenna, Wendly, Tiara, Kara, Minela, Malaika, Vanity

I will prepare a list in advance.

Children what they want ... golly do not talk ridiculous !!!

Normally, you would be quite a while on a (new) dog and has already prepared a lot more names than you ever have dogs, keep, is ...

But if you are one of the most unimaginative people, then helps the good old Aunt Google arrange with thousands Dog Names

I once had such a bitch who was called tuna.

my bitch is yuma ...

toll I also: piper or Pyper, summer, donna, blaze, feme, stella mayu, colette, ...

roxy, rena, romy I find sweet: 3

If I get angry, I say * Dog *.


Cat. Call them cat: 3

bitch just

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