Rash of dog? Dogs squiggle?

hello all, and although I have since determined 2 months a rash near the chin. it is many small red pick moose. now do every night Penaten cream on it and it has become even better. However, the redness and a few small pick elchen stay tuned persistent. - I was told by several known it see like a "dog squiggle" Unfortunately I do not find so much at mr google it. I know, remote diagnostics are difficult, but my question is: could be a so-called dog squiggle? and what am I doing about it? vllt iwelche home remedies?

Thanks in advance! :-)

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Go to the doctor, that could be ringworm / ringworm. And that in turn is a fungal infection. Contagious. The rural population (farmers / farmers' children) knows under the name Kälberflechte.



Hard to say where really comes forth. It may be that she is allergic to the food, fabric softeners or other in your household or anything with which it comes into contact daily or regularly.

From dogs squiggles I've never heard, I can not tell you so.

But would go even after the exclusion proceedings. Say see if anything has changed just before the "kringle" have occurred.

In a food allergy, it may be that this has simply evolved. What you feed denn`?

A picture could also find more help =)

what am I doing about it?

could be many things. Assumptions not help you. It's best to go to a dermatologist, then this can be treated specifically.

http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%B6schenflechte - Something I had as a child times, due to the dogs. If a virus - you can also get from cats.

Why do not you ask your friend what my dog ​​with squiggles? Did I never heard and I have 40 years Hune. Ne designation for ne disease is not, anyway.

under which topic is that?

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