Rat in the engine compartment

Hi .. My friend has today in my car a rat discovered which has run wildly. Now my question is this cattle into the interior arrive ?? I panic like there garnichtmehr aboard ..

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This is not a wonder. If you leave lying around corn cobs, different animals are lured. In your case, the rat has probably got a corncob and wanted to eat it in the cover of the car.

However, it could also mice, raccoon and lots of different insects from food residues are attracted. So let rumliegen no waste and no food and you do not get uninvited visit more. In principle any wild animals feed !!

Incidentally flee rats, foxes, martens or other wildlife before men, when they have the chance. Let the doors and just walks away. Waiting somewhere for 10 minutes and you can return without any panic in the room.

Such animals never attack or to corner !! This can lead to nasty bite injuries, because the animals can not get away and fighting for their lives. If you, however, find a nest with young animals, the finger let it and call to the police. The know how to walk Young in the nest safely. No matter what parents, rodents, mammals, birds, among others to defend their young extremely aggressive. Examples:


Lieben Gruss mary

Each car has a forced ventilation from the interior. These are nothing but thin rubber flaps which are installed behind the rear bumper meißt. The are there that the overpressure of ensteht close the doors to escape.

where in the car it has the rat found?

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