read ammeter?

Hi, how do I read an analog ammeter? There's a wheel with different scales (mA, V) when I turn the wheel for example, on 10 and above in the display 5.8, there are even 5.8 if I had it turned on 100, it would indeed be 580 (or?), but how do I explain something?

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The wheel is used for zero point adjustment. The ranges are defined once by the insertion of the measuring lines and then by pressure switches.

Using a multimeter can measure resistance, current and voltage. What is to be measured and the size of the measured value you should think before, not that suddenly the machine is overloaded.

to your scales: V (volts) is the unit of a voltage

You put 10 or 100 determines the measurement range.

So does at 100 would then 58. You have to imagine when the pointer is on the far right at the rash, it is what you have set as the measuring range. So at 300 it would, for example, 150 in the middle, etc ...

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