Real one year or a ready-made training + the Real in 2 years? What is better.

I NEN friend of 18 has a high school and like to want to make something of his life and would like to get an education in the commercial sector, and what you can actually aspire mainly to a Real or High School. Should he one year to make up for his real or maybe a two-year training for sellers make where he can get be good Real when he exerts himself at school and 20 then has its Real, has a ready-made training and more money has saved. What's better? I have a high-school diploma and would also pay off for me, since my real in my opinion is not as good or not as I like but would have him is another thing also I will soon 18 and at 1.4 away go of my training location for automotive mechatronics. The job is not for me.

The best answer

Then you can not give you a direct answer. There are reasons to choose or both ways. I for one would rather get an education, because then I have something in my pocket and can earn money, especially if it takes only one year longer and you thereby still get the high-school diploma. I can understand also that you want the save a year and prefer to directly make the conclusion. Since your friend has to assess themselves and his parents and family for advice to tell him what would personally very best for him.

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