Really € 500,000?

Hello. Today at school has one of the 8 class maintains the scored € 500,000 his brother and just because he was 6.Monate as a technician in Afghanistan in the army is that right? I think it is not the € 500,000're something much.

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You get quite a pretty penny for a foreign assignment, but that's way over the top, I can not imagine. Then the people would indeed beat drum: D Maybe he drangehängt a 0 too much ;-)

Receiving for every day nearly 100 € plus hazard pay content. So almost 5,000 € per month. So for half a year there weren € 30,000 for the down there for nothing and not reskieren the back their lives. Other people get for ordinary working so much.

Can be naturally know that it was of the army from there and as he gets next to his normal pay another hazard pay. But from the amount you are allowed there like still some pull, so much does not exist for it as well.

As has staked but anyone NEN nice bear ....

more likely ne 0 too much

No I do not think has lied.

The only tells crap. Afghanistan has to give is not enough money to a technician in half ne ne half million euros. At most he would have a big bomb built that is well developed :)

Do not believe every thing he says. Just tell your grandma scored with cords and 500,000 euros


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