Really Helpful home remedy for toothache

I know you should go to the dentist, but to pass the time, does anyone really helpful tips or home remedies for me? Thank you in advance!

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A carnation carefully applied to the teeth, do not press that increases the pain. You can try it also, depending on the pain with heat or cold, which feels any differently ... well soon :-)

Sage tea as already suggested doing really well and clove oil or simply a clove on the painful area helps quite well-well can orris root chew ....- at least until you go to the doctor, what should be done, of course. Heat usually does well, who do you have red light, you can try it. I help me / usd always at all possible with acupressure ... with toothache you go like this: * The body has few pressure points that respond to pressure and so can be used in the treatment of acute toothache. These points, it is to stimulate, when the toothache occurs violently.

Finding the points is not very difficult. So is one of the acupressure points right outside to find next to the nail of the index finger. The need now with the fingernail of the thumb strengthens pressed. Although these acupressure initially causes pain at the pressure point, the toothache may be reduced.

Also behind the outer ankle are acupressure points for toothache that must be massaged with the fingertips of the thumb and forefinger. Http://

Wishes a speedy recovery and leave sometime soon after CAUSE see the skilled-but for all cases can be a solution so quite well


I heard the salt to help dissolved in warm water. So several times gargle :) Give it a whirl :)

dried cloves to blow dental press, - the stunned something. otherwise talk

get well

hot sage tea. Heat for the teeth and sage disinfects

Clove oil (pharmacy) acts super!

Without knowing what you will find it difficult.

Toothbrush and toothpaste..

Is there no dentists or more

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