rear-wheel brake clamps without blocking. Why is that and what can I do without new parts to buy?


the back of the brake everything looks like on the front wheel brake functioning. only the brake knob at the handle stuck, or can not be operated. now stood a year in the dry and in the winter warm cellar of my neighbors. because I was mine stolen he gave me this.

why is that? I until mid next month no money for new parts, but need the bike urgently

The best answer

might like to dismantle the brake lever, the wires and check all the items on wear and other errors. After that is done you will find possibly the error. could sometimes lubricate the belts of the brake lever, but in no case the brake shoes or the wires. vlt the wire is stretched too tight or something is blocking the mechanism, because you have to check times more accurate.

is ne v-brake.
btw. before comments come: in the wg we have in which we pay ne eat checkout and ancillary costs checkout with content input for a month. everything else is practically pocket money and that is almost depleted. I would like to lend me anything

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