Receive an Newlsetter although I have never subscribed to it

Just the other day I got myself a new e-mail address and a few days ago is me then noticed that I get news of the Tchibo website. And because I never registered there, yes was previously not even on the page, and have thus not subscribed to the newsletter, I wonder why this is so, and if I can deabonnieren him again because an account for this I have not yes.

I am pleased with answers :)

The best answer

Spam ...... click the Tschibo garbage and usually at the bottom is then written quite small: if they do not want the newsletter you can unsubscribe here. Then clicking on the here and is good. This is often the case, but the procedure is always the same. Schaus you at times then you see it yourself. But be careful! OPEN NEVER NEVER an attachment if you do not know exactly by whom is the mail and do not be of irgendwelcehn company names seduce !!!! open attachments NEVER !!

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