received as ALG2 receiver private loans for housing eradication - allowed?

Is it a ALG2 receiver (ie Hartz 4) allows a private loan to obtain thus continue paying the redemption of his condo? Or the loan is counted as income and deducted from the ALG2-respect?

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It must be closed definitely a loan agreement in writing. It must also be agreed interest. Thus you have met all requirements.

Can you do !

Care must be taken when making the transfer that the purpose then loans for housing eradication is, then it must not be regarded as income because it is Earmarked.

Next you have to conclude a written loan agreement, in the purpose must be specified how high the interest-free loan and in what time and monthly installments that must be repaid.

The whole create duplicate, dated and signed.

Here probably money is lent to avoid foreclosure and homelessness.

You are allowed privately borrow money for this purpose and pay the installments so. but You also need to make, so the money does not divert.

It must be concluded a written agreement in which the redemption is agreed.

Then may this money not be deducted from the Hartz IV covers.

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