recognized internal hard drive only for hot-plug

Good day, I currently have the pretty remarkable problem that I have experienced with my computer.

I have moved from my old computer a Sata 2 HDD in my new computer. In the beginning was nothing. Now it is so that the hard disk is recognized fine if I plug during operation. detected within one second and everything was great.

However, if I only once without driving it or place my computer into hibernation, the plate is then no longer recognized. Also not in the BIOS or UEFI.

I have the plate then unplugging during operation and plug it again.

Any ideas what could be the?

Thanks in advance :)

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You could first try a different port and a different cable. If that does not help, then a BIOS upgrade and driver update dürchführen. It would also be good to test the board with a diagnostic tool. What brand is your plate? For WD drives Data Lifeguard Diagnostic can be used:

If bad sectors are found on it, then I would suggest you to make a backup, so the data is not lost.


Ok, if someone lands here on Google:

I have not managed to run to get the plate internally. Now I have purchased and connected via USB 3.0 external enclosure. This works fine.

Setting it out in the Bios adapters USB to on not on auto. So it will probably hang together.

The disk drive is faulty and is too slow to be recognized on?!?

I would see if the phenomenon also occurs with a friend and if it does, back up data quickly and discard the plate.

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