Recommendations for books :) Search a trilogy!

I would like to like to buy a trilogy, it should be I have written perspective, I have night's books House of angeguckt getting closer but I was told that that book, or the main character to a very 'open' person has developed: D

So I'm still pretty undecided as the genre should look, I'm open to any book series .. It would be great if briefly indicating her when you imagine a book series the theme :)

Thank you in advance!

The best answer

City of bones (or chronicles the underworld) - totally awesome, is about as Shadowhunters and demons (and do not read House of night, the first volumes are still good but the rest is soo bad: P)

I recommend the Farseer trilogy. (The Farseer - The Schattenbote - The Night Magician)

It is a fantasy novel in 3 parts, written in the I-form and is described as EPOS.

School of Mages

Until now, the 12 year old Max McDaniels believed to be a normal boy. But then a mysterious adventure in a museum changed his life dramatically: An inexplicable force draws him into a side room of the museum. There an old, faded tapestry begins to shine, shimmer and sound. But when Max wants to show his father a short time later the tapestry, even the next room is gone. And then Max found in his jacket pocket even a mysterious letter to him the visit of a "recruiter" is announced. When the next day actually turns up, Max must pass some tests. To his great surprise, is confirmed to him that he was carrying "old magic" in itself and should be included in the Rowan Academy. In this secret school for children with magical abilities are, among other things spell teaching and nursing fantastic creatures on the timetable. But soon, the school is threatened and Max falls into the age-old struggle between good and evil ...

goes ehr towards Harry Potter ^^

Ruby Red Sapphire Blue Emerald Green

in the first-person perspective !! Can you even three pack in sonem buy

It is about the young Gwendolyn Sheperd who noted that she and not her bitchy and imaginary cousin Charlotte the journey gene has (with the one time Reist uncontrolled), and thus it is the ruby. As a group of 12 there where every one gemstone is allocated. Therefore, they must with the handsome Gideon de Villiers always travel in past times (with the chronograph, the one time, in the jumping controls) to the blood of completing 12th But while she falls in love with Gideon and it takes its course, as Gwendolyn noted that the group of 12 may not be closed. Whatever the reason was that stole the 2nd chronographs its "cousin" Lucy Sheperd with Paul de Villiers and therefore fled into the past.

Have fun with it ;)

Absolutely !! the Deleted trilogy

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