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Hello, I've been playing about 8 years classical guitar and for a year I sing sometimes chords of pop songs. Now I was thinking that I would like a recording device had to which I can record my songs, so I know of what I still have to work. In the first experiments my phone was completely sufficient, but now I want a bit more professional what! ;) I'm totally new to this field. I do not know whether we can perhaps also invest a Diktirgerät, or the like. I think it would also be cool if you could connect to the device microphone. In internet forums I understood almost nothing, because everything was unfortunately jargon and I also need something for beginners best up to 100 € Thanks in Vkrraus for the answers! LG Skylga

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Why do not you use your PC and the program Audacity. A Samson Q7 microphone and off you go?

Then you buy something and in addition a USB Microphone

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