Red blot on both thighs.


I now have a Red Spot is approximately the size of a 1 Euro coin for a few weeks on the thigh (inside). On the other thigh (exactly at the height of the other spot) has a slightly smaller spot about the size of a 5 cent coin. It so happens that this patch now and itching and I then scratched it. Then the spots are flame red and slightly increase. Then I once made Vaseline on it and see because the spots were after about 2 days away and it remained weak light-brown spots. Well after a few days it started already again .......

What could that be ?

Upon request, I still hang a picture. PS: The only on the thighs anywhere else.

Thank you in advance.

The best answer

Preliminary, you're a man or woman? How old are you? What you wear for clothing?

I can not find your picture, Währe helpful!


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