Red spot on Scabbard What tuuun

Hello. Yesterday I endeckt a red spot on my sheath. It looks as if someone had just verbrand it. It does not scratch but it hurts when you press on it. I will not go to the dermatologist because I totally ashamed and me that is unpleasant. I'm just 14 had never had sex, of course.

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This can be anything from a pimple on a scratch, a prospecting, etc either you go to the pharmacy, it explain there, or you go to a Fraunenarzt / doctor ... speedy recovery :-)

Cute Photo - that's your dream man :-)? First to Mama, and the show, which may possibly already help. Otherwise: From the gynecologist. The cleared it exactly.

But can ne gynecologist see if it is not going away until tomorrow. One can pick what to toilets ever. it should be something worse, you get cream or drugs that are vrschreibungspflichtig. And shame you do not have yourself at a health care professional. It's best to choose a practice on the Internet offering eg teenage consultations that have special understanding when you go for the first time to the gynecologist.

Do not think that it is what bad, just wait times :-)

Then so go to the gynecologist. Since you have to go somewhere anyway.

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