refers as expectant mother over 15 years their own resin IV.

drops her Harz IV away then. then include his parents to demand community and their income taken into account when pregnant? She wants to move in his parents' household.

The best answer

No parents do not count as a benefit community with her only friend is one with if the child is born then they form a eheänliche community and that is to be regarded as necessary community. A daughter who had a new baby and still lives with her parents not heard from birth to benefit community, so that's all. Then forms with their own baby need community. The parents of the friend are at the girlfriend of the son never to be counted, but the son from birth of the baby. So parents make with Baby own benefit community and the parents of the son also has its own. I work as Fallmangerin the job center so I know my way around. But as early and pregnant, an education would be better to not always to live by the taxpayer and to have a child after another.

Let's say, 15 years old and pregnant, she is hardly the labor market are available and therefore it is able to source no Hartz IV, although social assistance. Only her parents are dependents primarily for them. Actually, they must still go to school, even if she is pregnant. Of course, you are also entitled to the maternity leave, but nevertheless she is of school age. The parents of the friend who in a broader sense to do with the girls so nothing and therefore their income is not taken into account. But this should apply for guardianship for the girl and then there will be paid accordingly, that they take care of the pregnant girl and give her accommodation. The is but himself still a child! What their parents actually say to the whole thing and how are represented financially? Her parents have custody and residence determination and have the whole matter indeed once agree.

Hartz 4 can refer usually only 18th If the parents' income is high, she gets - if it is less than 25 - probably none more or reduced. The exact paragraphs cleared only one request. Most likely that she gets deleted only the rent, but additional child benefit.

If she gets current H4, then at eiem Rechtspfleger at the Local Court a Beratungensschein for an attorney kosstenlos get (bank statements, H4 communication with you) then everything remains anonymous. :-)

Why is this the only bring uncertainty such key issues.

if a child with 15 pregnant is always turns on the Youth Office

The help and support even when sllen questions concerning all administrative procedures

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