Refugees from Iraq to Austria?

Hi, A friend of mine lives in Iraq and is afraid because ISIS and would like to come to Austria. Which pads he must meet to move to Austria can? He also has money (if it costs what). I have since, unfortunately, no idea. thank you

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You could of course try a visa for him to get so that he can arrive legally.

A normal tourist visa etc. is (and therefore untraceable willingness to return) do not make sense because of the situation in Iraq.

Rather would - if he has the skills - to apply a red-white-red card.

If he comes as a refugee there is not really ne chance "legal" to come to Austria. Asylum application, it can make only here, only one must of course come first to Austria.

Depends on whether he is Iraqi or Austrians. As an Austrian, that's no problem. Otherwise, he must be as a test immigrants or whatever it's called make to come to Austria. I think he must then still get a permanent job. Exactly I do not know how that runs, but still hope that helps you.

This is not as easy as a refugee unfortunately can not really choose where thou wilt. In the EU the refugees be distributed to a particular key on the countries. He takes a suburb clarify in Iraq, he is recognized as a refugee.

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