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I think I've asked such a question before, but I must once again explicitly ask.

I'm in an opened Inolvenzverfahren and now I have received an invoice from a wireless service provider. The agreement was reached before the bankruptcy. In the requirement specification, one December and a January invoice is listed. In December I was not in the bankruptcy, in January already. Can I use this provider yet (I use the contract not) register a? Can I send each wireless service provider and the collection agency a letter with a copy of my opening decision, with a request to contact my IV? What to write here? I write the mobile service provider directly or the collection agency? Or I could get this problem? Or should I take a chance on an extraordinary notice and the collection agency rather arrange an installment payment? But that could certainly spoil the RSB?

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the contract of mobile operator falls under the § 46 Recurring Services of the Insolvency Act, as the contract has been completed in itself before the bankruptcy.

In no case You can with the collection agency an installment agree because you would so before sharing a Gläuber. So you must neither December- nor the January bill paying.

Write the mobile operator and the collection agency a short letter with notice that you might like New Zealand in the consumer bankruptcy and the procedure by court order has been on xx.xx.201x opened. A copy of the decision you put in.

In the letter you know out that the court has appointed a liquidator. Normally yes its name and address is in order. Finally, you ask for it, that the debtor is contacted directly by the liquidator in connection for inclusion in the list of debtors.

The wireless service provider can then be receiving the discounted, full payment by the end of the term in the mass. In addition, the trustee will then terminate the contract.

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Gib' it your insolvency practitioner; to you have it!

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