reit participation how old?

Hello From what age can have a Reitbeteiligung or care horse? I am 12 years old.

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So a horse care should not be a problem as getting even some 6 years of a nursing Pony (of course, only in the company of an adult). A Reitbeteiligung has no age restrictions, however, want many 18 year (actuarially). You can try to get a Reitbeteiligung it. The best option would be if you can accompany Someone Adult (beneficial would be natural if that person would have horse experience).

Good luck with your search.

so I go Hello also twelve and have a totally sweet Norwegians as Rb. At first I demand that are close times on farms. Then I got one from the Internet. This I was not zufrienden however. So I asked a neighbor and then imagined a horse. I met all the other out of the stable and so get my great Rb ... The problem is that many of age want as Rb. But try it once. And will not give up

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