Relationship problems what to do? desperately

Hello I have a friend 15 16 and in real he is perfectly right to me but he writes me back and rarely asks himself also never meet for a. in real he is talking about a whole lot and is really sweet but I do not understand why he on the Internet so different to me .. Someone an advice or idea?

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Rarely asking for a meeting is a sign of disinterest. He spends his time better without you, no matter with whom he spends, but you're not.

Maybe he's just "lazy about writing"? Say it Simply drop it on when you're together.

Because many no Bock have long to write lyrics, you prefer to communicate in real life without any buttons to press and each other look in the eye.

Also, it's nice that he's "real" as you perfectly in;) If it were the other way around, then ye had relationship issues.


it could be that he is very villeicht belibt? Then he will probably be very busy!

Other hand, he did not particularly like the chat, or he likes gambles games computer? :)

Otherwise Tele Just with him! :)

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