remains the maintenance for the first child the same if not a second is born?

My friend has a daughter from his first marriage which also receives maintenance from him regularly. We now expect a child. Must he will pay for two children the same amount of maintenance to his daughter or less by the second child?

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The man is then indeed two children dependents, but the maintenance for the first child unchanged.

Only if it is unable to grant their rightful maintenance of his income two children without falling below its "excess would (in 1080 euros) the maintenance for the older child possibly. Are recalculated.

Then the amount above its deductible available would have to be divided between the two children - proportionally, depending on the age (or "age group") of the child.

In general, it is less by another child. However, it depends on the individual case and may remain the same.

Zunächstmal it is so, that depends the stage of the Düsseldorf table on income and number of dependents. The table is based on 2 dependents, now there are a minimum of 3, so that possibly has to be downgraded.

You have due to the birth indeed a maintenance claim to mind. 3rd birthday of the child. This is the requirement for min. € 880th Although this is secondary, but plays a role in the demand control amount so that it thereby a downgrade to max. can come to the minimum maintenance, or until the required control amount level does not fall below 3 after payment of all maintenance services.

Thus, it is more than the minimum subsistence to him € 1,180 (level 2 required control amount) must remain. There are also € 880 for you, the wide min. 2 * € 241 for children do together € 2542 adjusted net. When a child would allow a level 4 or. 5

In defect case, when in the payment of the minimum subsistence be SB would fall below 1080 €, the maintenance per rate would be distributed in proportion to the number amounts to both children. Your claim plays because he is nachrrangig then not matter.

All children are equal. The level of the maintenance depends on several factors: the income of the father, the number and age of children. The Düsseldorf table gives a rough overview. But it is not a binding rule but a recommendation. Http: // utm_source = ...?

No, the first child as nothing for the fact of maintenance remains the same.

Exception is when disposable income to exceed the deductible is too low, in order to serve both children, then there may be a lack of calculation.

but there is a title or an agreement, the maintenance has to be paid and the title be changed first.

he must then summon the children entertaining for both. he can not do for both the full amount then he must apply the same for both. the child does not live then gets possibly entertaining an advance from the youth office with him.

the children are to be treated the same entertaining.

when their lives together increases be deductible as it you must provide and the child. thereby it may be that he has to pay less barunterhalt for the child does not live with him

The two children are made equal to each other. What can the first child that the father opts for a second?

The family court can impose him readily to seek a second job to meet its obligations

It depends on the merit of your husband

The maintenance remains the same.

I know from my son.

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