remove blood stains on terrace


Our tomcat eats constantly his mice on our patio ... which of course leaves each time a bloodstain ... I see it fast enough and empty since the same water over it and go with the broom answers it that everything still. But is that a little dried the leaves just the patch. Even with the steam cleaners they do not go away completely. This is a rental apartment accordingly careful I am so and not something want to tip over it and damage the terrace. But our terrace looks slowly but surely impossible. So which do I get rid of stains?

The flow are ordinary terrace tiles from stone. Light and not smooth ...

The best answer

Solvent 1-2 aspirin effervescent tablets on in very little water. String brush the paste on the stain and rinse with clean water if necessary slightly.

Then try with a tile cleaner or stone cleaners or in a shop ask times. Probably the tiles are porous and therefore the tiles are not easy to clean.

Since there is a special stone cleaners. The funktionierst well, with a little patience and effort you get because even small grease and oil stains with away.

Try it. Times with cold salt water and a scrubbing brush

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