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Hey, I got a job in a dental office but get a staff member has been on the day on which I was working sample an allergic reaction. Now I was called and they thought everything was great and I could sign the contract - BUT that just a colleague has a problem .. am I going next week again 3 days to sample so come can I watch if it really is because. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats .. I'm now thinking I pull myself to always in the laundry room where the wash directly freshly come out so that they come not only in contact with the animals? So if it would fail because really annoying !!! Do you still have a tip? LG :)

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You in a room (where your clothes are) not purely allowed! (Is not soooooooooooo dramatically) and if it is zuuuuuu bad for you, then pull it in the laundry room, but Dannach you should not do with your dogs ... But one problem is your hair .... (da is fur of your animals) and test times to note that (to keep washing your hands) and try you always away from this colleague (then the chance less they get an allergic attack)

because was how vigorously the allergic reaction?

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