Remut conjunction with password without graphics card

Hello I'm looking for a program like the TeamViewer what one can thus control without monitor and without a graphics card to the PC should be on Internet therefore depend on the Lan network where the Internet is also on it and I can it go from one of the other PCs on the so with password and name or another as I have on the other then no Montitor to because of a server might Serves does not specify whether a server or not so when I go to PC without monitor to the PC so the Sogenaten "server" on it but can also be so that nobody it can on the PC so the server and other PCs.

PS sorry for any punctuation can not

The best answer

Is there the understandable?

And since you've put a point, you can thus nevertheless punctuation

I'll tell you something. Here are quite a lot of people who spend their time to help others in your challenges.

That deserves respect.

If you would like to take this help, I advise you strongly, easy to make these people reading your question, otherwise many will simply click away your question because of illegibility.


Great, is not it?


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