renovate the house?

Hi .. What's in it for refurbishing a house, and then selling it when I the cost for the renovation Wear?

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I've often had the experience that the use doubled. Ie. You set a EUR 5,000, then you can expect in any case with a profit of 10,000 euros. Many prospective buyers have no idea how expensive can be a renovation and appreciate the often too high.

I have had two identical houses for sale many years ago. One house was well maintained and the second house was neglected. The owners were not ready before selling something to invest. The difference between the two houses for sale were 23,000 euros.

As a use of 8,000 Euro to 10,000 Euro would be worth it. The seller would still turn deserves.

If you buy all the hardware store and only material costs have perhaps worth it if you can perform all of the company professionally, I think you paying it ..... would have expected by you times or let pass deals.

May I again ask for your age and your training?

The value of the house increases with.

Definitely not just your renovation costs will be covered in a sale of the house. The value increases a little more but not much.

If there is sufficient interest be already for your unrenovated house, it does not need this.

Most people renovate their house before the sale because the request naturally rises. Everyone would prefer a new home than an old house ...

Sunnycat I can completely agree. However, not that you could sit at his expense. Would be stupid when selling a profit einzukalkulieren with: D

Hope I could give you a little light into the dark :)

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