Rent brake. Who should pick up the sales agent?

Hello, About to read the price of the brake and is paid the broker after the ordering principle. How is the the near future on the sale? Everywhere is just what of rent. Can someone enlighten me? greeting

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I find the topic Rent brake explained here quite a bit.

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I had also just read something in the subject, because now added some new requirements for owners through the new legislation. The Bundesgerichtshof has created with its recent judgments relating to the rental brake clarity.

An apartment sales with ever NOTHING to do with the rent brake.

Otherwise, the buyer principle. Who commissioned the broker, it must also pay. (This was actually always been so, it had only become established, the cost to burden each economically weaker)

When selling everything remains the same and will remain so in the future. - point 2:

2. Who pays the broker or the broker's commission in 2015?

Until recently, the legislature did not specify who has to pay the broker's commission. When renting was hitherto almost always the prospective tenant, unless the property is difficult to rent. When selling is charged in the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hesse and Hamburg usually only the buyer a broker's commission, while sellers and buyers mostly share in the other states, the agency fee.

Note: Due to the adopted by the Bundestag October 2014 ordering principle, paid in future the ordering of estate agent, usually the owner, the broker's commission. The law comes into force in the spring, 2015. For sale is currently provided no change, even if the Berlin Senate would welcome it if the buyer principle would also apply to the real estate sale, ie the seller still has to pay the brokers.

If the buyer commissioned a broker, he pays. If the seller instructs the broker (ordered), pays the seller.

In principle, nothing has changed. Only the current market has allowed to disclose the brokerage costs unilaterally to the tenant.

For the broker, it is naturally easier to acquire a property, it offers the owner to work for this "free".

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