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Hello, we celebrated on Saturday. to 2:00 at night came the police - we had the music turn quieter. now it is so that we, the deposit (155 €) not get back because the police was there. is also so in the lease agreement. (If the police come - no money back)

Now the question is whether this is legal. knows someone from there?

The best answer

Should be tested once by a specialist lawyer, not every clause is legal and is legally not automatically signature. Something may have method - Hall vermietet- clause in lease - Bissel listening and Zack, the police are called and still 155 time € to deserve ;-) I want to nix insinuate, but I'd sure my hand but can not legen- the fire be, that the clause so has their accuracy.

I can not imagine that the town of Neuss offers a contract is not in conformity with applicable law.

Best wishes! A

The fact that you have signed the lease, you have agreed to these rules and wast also informs what happens if you make noise after 22:00.

Hi wilson mandela,

You know the validity of contracts?

Contracts are concluded, so that everybody stick to it and you can tolerate it.

But now You doubt your own will, you have expressed with your signature?

Since not kommste out - Greetings.

As a contractual penalty has been agreed, which is generally permitted in Conditions:

http: // ...

However, there is still an indication of the ineffectiveness and though the "wholly or partially". Thus, the penalty amount in the free discretion of the user of the Terms is found. I think that's so wrong.

Because they are not dealing here with a housing lease is a contractual agreement binding / legal.

wenns so is the contract why not .. you have got hold of just the owner, it is also lawful .. agreed

You have it but signed as

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