Replacement barbell with diameter 2.5 + I measured the diameter right? with pictures

I was just in a shop to buy additional new Dumbbell Bars because I have many weights and do not always want to tweak with my Dumbbell Bars if I want to change the weight but rather just a dumbbell've ready. However, there were in the business only dumbbells with a larger diameter. That is why I would like to order me what the internet. The only problem is that I do not know to what diameter I should look now as I have not found 2.5 (Images of measurements in appendix). is 2.5 If properly measured, please send me a link to such a dumbbell bars.

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So there are only two common sizes with dumbbell bar diameter or the weight plates. There are the 25mm diameter rods (weight plates), once with thread for fixed lish rob a mother and even smooth for the quick-release fasteners. Then there's just been the Olympic weight bars with 50mm diameter.

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