Report mark in math, which note? ¿

3 orally, two 2s in writing: D Have I won a 3 on the certificate? ~. 8 Class, high school

The best answer

'S would be a 2 to scarce 2 I think. Written predominates in math (70%).

Spoken counts just as much as writing, ie 50:50. What rating you get depends on what weighs more. Are there, for example two 2+, then it is probably a 2 on the certificate. Is in the verbal note on 3, then it is probably a 3 on the certificate.

It also depends on the teacher on how he estimates a, so it is relatively difficult out forward the note to the portion of notes.

Notes are not 100% mathematically but the decision which note you get is the teacher.

Could actually still a 2 be!

2 + 2 + 3 = 7: 3 = 2.333333 which is still a 2!

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