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Good evening :-)

I want to buy Nike Air Max on the Internet and I just came across an online store, in which I am not quite sure. I want the Air Max Thea have and the cost so normal € 120. Here is what of Special Price: € 48 This can not really be right? : - / Though everything else works and looks very trustworthy. How do I find out whether it now is reputable or not? :-) Please Help. (Can you write the website here?)

Thanks in advance :-)

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I know these sites: in German but translated from china. when Galileo was a reportage about. there they say it's all fake. I wanted to buy a cellphone unknown on such a "page for 50 euros, but I informed myself and it came out that everything is fake. s.deiner imagine I would my little expensive air max buy. with them you will have more fun than with such fake gizmos :)

mfg anonymous2525

If you do not call the internet, no can vote. You can also nachscuahen themselves: Since when the page exists (2015 would be bad). Has it a reasonable Contacts with postal address, landline telephone and mail company? This is good, only a contact form? Bad, in the event of a complaint, you can nibble at home only his fingernails.

You can look somewhere once after such a seal of approval

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