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Hello! I am 21 years old, have then completed the Medium frost and autumn my education. -Berufsfachschule.

For a long time I Speile to study the idea. However, I will nciht so very clever in the individual things I recherechiere it. dei a saying that goes only with abi ... the other without abi but with graduation and completion of education ... some say you can the graduation nachholen- eg the internet as Exterener at a high school ... fernstudium etc etc .. even is not a great help.

so I ask simply times purely whether vll one or the other what white ... would respond just got your happy.

[But bte normal and civilized!

Thank you in advance!

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Studying without school is only possible if you are professional or by a Begabtenprüfung. If you have not yet boast more than a completed training, is only one gear with Begabtenprüfung. Everything else here:

You imagine that before too easy. There are plenty of high school seniors who have made on the 1st education Abi, go study and then find a job or have to take a job for which they are actually overqualified. The company will not tear around you, sorry

Fachhochschule: Abi, Fachabi, training plus work experience college: Abi, Fachgebundene university, possibly training plus work experience University: Abi, Fachgebundene university Where there are always exceptions and deviations. go to the homepage of the college that interests you ps Try going from because you have to sign up anyway if the extent is. Since you can also search for courses.

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