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Hello Helping knowing when the Anzeigeneinsammler a Telefonbuchverlag comes in my business (not commercial) and I write the ad, which is to be published, are then sent to me after a few days of the contact sheet for possible corrections and also the bill, I still have the opportunity to cancel the order in its scope? According to a contact sheet, I could choose the absolute cost-effective variation yes then probably. I canceled via email, to which I was called back, with the statement, which was not a cancellation possible. Accesses here a right, perhaps a European law? If the customer has not generally the opportunity within a certain period, to cancel an order? Thanks for your answers in advance!

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Since there is no general right - read you times exactly by what you signed there. If this was a contract or order, where not specifically listed that you can do this job undone within a certain period, you have to live with it. You are an adult and have certainly countersigned - which is binding in most cases. lg Lilo

According to §§ 355 ff BGB consumers have certain withdrawal rights, including at the doorstep. But since you "your operation" write about, you do not Gilst likely than consumers. If you yourself are namely entrepreneurs (commercial or freelancers), these rights do not apply to you.


a reasonable answer can only give you a professional lawyer.

You write in your operation but kkein Commercial. Thus, the issue is whether here or BGB applies. Correspondence via email are resistant if previously existed email contact with the contractor.

the ad man came unsolicited in your operation and then have you let yourself surprise quasi? Or you made your way to this telephone directory publisher and have then made the order?

Do you have a legal expenses insurance? I'd so go directly to the lawyer, because a binding statement here you will not get on the Internet.

Otherwise: writing immediately terminate. So really with paper, envelope, stamp. Ideally, by registered mail / return receipt requested. Because email can not be conclusive in certain circumstances - and for the telephone call you anyway no evidence. If you cancel not immediately join the otherwise have again to present the idea, every year you an invoice - is as often as the phone book reprinted.

Look here:

If the customer has not generally the opportunity within a certain period, to cancel an order?

No why?

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