Resigned period gegrecht? Severance

Good day had mal ne ask, I was as vorarbeitet in a company, the other company did not want more because I defended myself as against it as they sent around unnecessary employees, to intervene on the basis of this I was stepped back. therefore I have now terminated. deadline. I can demand a compensation for this reason. am now nearly 8 years in the company.


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You've even timely terminated - thus basically gambled your severance chance.

1. Would you should consider whether the demotion with the employment contract was agreed, because one side can not change a contract the employer. If the demotion was unjustified, You should, however, can sue. Most likely, a comparison with a severance would have been the best solution for both side - see also:

2. Just because a certain length of service is produced in Germany is no entitlement to severance pay - either in termination of employment, even at Kündiung by the employer - unless the applicable collective agreement, in a valid operating agreement or the employment is otherwise specified ,

This is tricky. If necessary, this demotion in breach of contract. Then a resignation with severance payments would be quite possible.

Here is a passage to a specialist lawyer or at least advised the Labour Court for einBeratungsgespräch where the details of the process can be besproche.

No, you can impose an obligation, but will not get, no matter how long you already were in the company. If you cancel itself, even if you have terminated in due time, you'll get no severance. And why!

there is no legal basis that justifies a severance, no matter who who announces. even if you're there 30years. ergo - no.

you yourself have terminated, but there is no severance pay

If you cancel, you have no termination package.

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