Respect because the pack leader?

Hello, a person has a puppy for a few weeks and the dog never plays with him, at least not like me or other colleagues. He is extremely jealous strikes the dog with him, never deal so he can then come up with an excuse, saying that he just respect me because I am his pack leader. Is that correct? A colleague of mine who had a dog said that's nonsense. Last he was even bitten by the dog and had to seek immediate medical help hahah xD

thank you

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A puppy knows yet no pack leader, only his caregiver. But I have to be a dog owner not pack leader, my dog ​​is on the same level, with me, we are quite best friends!

That's nonsense. Puppies playing prop with any and everything. Either the person does everything wrong what you can do wrong or he just has a charisma that the dog does not like.

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