Returns a pit bull in Hessen (character test, linen and muzzle exemption, dog tax)

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I wanted to ask how much of the character test, linen and muzzle strong and dog license costs each for a Pit Bull Terrier in Hessen, if it is registered as a hybrid. :)

I also wanted to ask how I (female, 13 years old, has long been enthusiastic about dogs and especially of Pitbulls) could persuade my mother to the fact that I may buy a Pitbull. I've saved up last year more than 1,000 €, because of vaccinations, the cost of the animal (which we would get from a good friend 'low'), dog control and dog accessories.

I tell her every day, I know everything about this race, I have to do, so he is not aggressive and well obeyed, and I would also everything goes to pay themselves, bring me the Pitti until the beginning of the summer holidays, because I 've got enough time to look after the kids and educate him. I would also go to a local dog-Agillity club and also encourage him home so he would not wrecking the furniture out of boredom. I'm a walking encyclopedia when it comes to this breed! My mother is these animals not entirely averse she lets me play and cuddle, only it is of course a little more cautious than in other breeds with the PitBull Friend's my sister.

Thanks in advance for the following answers

LG geenoxxx,

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You're 13. That is, you may not even go walk the dog. You must be 18, otherwise You can not perform as a dog.

which also has its reasons, no matter what race. A 13 year-old child can not properly deal with dogs, I've even a 13 year old son who, although much power with our dogs, but he must not go Gassie. Neither the adult dogs, even with the puppies. Because it may happen too much. It must not even your own dog to do something Yes. What if your dog is attacked? Do you know how you react?

Dog control in Hesse varies from community to community, because you have in the community ask.

I paid 200 euros for the character test three years ago. The You have to repeat every two years. Whether you get strong leash and muzzle, hang on whether the dog passes the test.

And you have to want to be aware if your dog even makes a mistake, he will always be the bogeyman, that is.

I know what I'm talking about. If one keeps such a race, you have to have a tough skin, you have to fight for the dog. I do not think it's so far with 13cschon.

I was 14 when I got my first dog, a German shepherd. I've done everything with this dog, she was always and everywhere. Nevertheless, I made mistakes because I did not know better. Luckily I met a woman who had a dog school. The showed me much.

I would advise you, would you love to a dog, get yourself a from a shelter, not a list of dog. A quiet, honest, not too big. Go to a dog school and practice. When you are old and mature enough, then you can make think again perhaps. But now it is not legally possible.

I (female, 13 years old, has long been enthusiastic about dogs and especially of Pitbulls) could persuade my mother to the fact that I may buy a Pitbull.

not at all! To purchase and for the attitude of (such) dog must be 18 years old (age)!

(1) Dogs are to be kept so and to lead, that they pose no risk to life or health of humans or animals.

(2) Who leads a dog outside fenced possession of the keeper or the holder or running, has to put this a necklace, are specified on the or on the name and address of the keeper or the holder; there is a phone connection, the phone number must be specified.

(3) Dangerous dogs may only hold, who has a license according to § 14, in particular, has the necessary expertise and reliability as well as 18 years of age; § 14 para. 3 sentence 1 remains unaffected.

(4) The competent authority may prohibit anyone holding and guiding dogs permanently if facts justify the assumption that it poses a threat to the life or health of humans or animals.

here are more important information:

Pitbulls are by nature not aggressive and it will not just happen. It is a misunderstood breed, so to speak. And these rumors are still so prevalent. View mall Cesar Milan videos on it is dog trainer '' American '' but says many wise things about dogs and has itself a pit bull is often there.

Just wait until you're 18 and you must lead this race. Even if you live in a village and mean Does not so many a village Sheriff possibly but that the company is usually "very accurate"!

And as already mentioned, even if it is a hybrid, also applies the law. Who a dog without permission holding such -> * A prison sentence of up to two years or a fine (4000 - € 8000), anyone who violates the law. Negligence actions are reinforced by a fine or imprisonment up to one year. And the dogs would then also gone! A Fahrlässigkeitstat have for instance if your mother buys the dog, logs on, and "you" Gassi can go with it!

Waiting just yet, and do not talk unhappy, it you run away nichst ;-)

besides all that has already been mentioned:

many financial issues can not be generalized. I just moved with my Pitbull. In the old community he tasted normal dog tax (around 70 €). In the new community (in the same district, only 15km away) the same dog costs 5 times a "normal" dog (360 € instead of 72 €). Just because the city has a list, is generally considered on some dogs as "dangerous" (such. As Pitbull, AmStaff, etc.), despite the character test.

So you can not say so exactly, it all depends on the community, because of the dog tax.

I also wanted to ask how I (female, 13 years old, has long been enthusiastic about dogs and especially of Pitbulls) could persuade my mother to the fact that I may buy a Pitbull. I've saved up last year more than 1,000 €, because of vaccinations, the cost of the animal (which we would get from a good friend 'low'), dog control and dog accessories.

Dear questioner, please get informed first of all once the Landeshundegestz for Hesse ... Then you can sometimes Ordnungsamt where you live call and you ask about the elevated dog tax rate for a list dog ... When Ordnungsamt you learn everything about the special requirements to be met by your parents to be allowed to keep a dog ...

You can not buy the dog and / or maintain and / or walk lead ...

You buy also no list Dog "low" from a friend ...

You may have read a lot about the breed - but the legal side for keeping such a dog you is probably unknown ...

So please, discuss it with your parents - either they want the dog (and then fulfill all conditions) - or you have your dream a few years postpone

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