Revocation dog ownership Apartment

Family X is a member of a housing cooperative. To 01.06.2015 Family X will move into a new apartment. Due to the attitude of a dog (Jack Russell Terrier) was previously required permission to attitude of this dog the other tenants. Overall still 5 other parties live in the house. 4 of 5 tenants have agreed to the attitude of the aforementioned dog. The latter was at the time of the "petition" in Kur. The housing association tenants tried to reach 5, but without success. Then, the cooperative decided to grant permission for the entertainment of Jack Russel writing.

"Dear family X, we will grant permission for the keeping of a dog (breed: Jack Russell). In the rented apartment you future .... We expressly point out that, by their dog ownership is not a nuisance to the neighbors may come as complaints may follow a withdrawal of approval "

After tenant 5 zuückkam from the cure, you did not agree with the attitude of the dog. Can the basis of which that approval for the attitude og dog be revoked?

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Not really, since the approval of the housing association exists yes.

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