Rich almost three months of physical training before I beitrette the army

a year from now before I trained every day. Pushups daily 50 then 10kg dumbbells 80x did my body pretty good. Then suddenly as I had problems with the leg and back, I could not properly and it was quite. 1 year and 2 months später.Heute (1.87cm) of 81 kg to 74 down. What indeed now not the main problem, according to bmi I'm in the ideal range for age (22) and size. But the problem is I have the power not more that I had. Instead 50 push ups I made earlier now only a whopping 10 to 12 u instead of 80x 10kg dumbbell I can do jetz only between 20 to 30 maximum. Since 3 days exactly I train at high pressure. Trette June the army in. April, May and the first 2 weeks of June I have time. It is possible, but is not it? Of course you can improve in this time? So I really make me fit .. Thanks for answers

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Muscles have a so-called memory effekt..das for beginner again say it is easier to quickly get better and stronger because the muscle still can remember how it once was ..

Is it not important! You're not in the US 'Marines'!

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