ride 15 year old horse?

Hello, my granny and granddad have two horse have been ridden but 2 years ago, they are 15 years old my question: can I both know how to ride? start or ride ?.

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This is not a problem! Taken Ritten they are yes, but I would start very slowly, because they possibly have to get used again to the rider's weight is. So first take a stool to rise and let the horse hold (stool generally please take, better for the back and the saddle). the first time should always vllt jmd first walking alongside and if necessary intervene until you know react like horses. Once you they can assess and safely're alone can ride you then. Of course, slow start, the horses have surely lost condition. So initially rich 20min step out already. This can then extend, sometimes trot five minutes and so on always increasing. If the horses sweating something it is safe enough :)

I wish you success!

Of course, if they are healthy, why not? My oldest horse is almost thirty and yesterday, thanks to spring fever, put my Reitbeteiligung terrain in the dirt. They are in the best age. If they were, however, not ridden in recent years, slowly catching on to build muscles and condition again, then is a long and happy time when you both can ride, nothing prevents.

@shoppingmaus, you do not know me, but know that I the pension grudge my horses, so no, it is clear! I see nothing that speaks against an old horse moderately move when it is Topfit down to the age. And you're never fallen off a horse? It's alright.

Yes I knew a 30 year old mare that could still step trot ride and a 20-year-old gelding in top form was still and even jumped is

No, due to the current level of training and the age of the horse .. Especially since I time them go out the the the basic knowledge for knowledge is missing the out and training of horses Lack of knowledge of the ground work trust work double lunge toning etc Then the equestrian requirements fulfill .. Let the animals the remaining good time with your grandparents on grounds of age and the poor level of training and because of the long break, I would not expect the horses and so ne training costs time and money knowledge

If you're able to ride a riding horse 2 so late eingerittene horses, then yes. For 15 years not old. but please start with riding instructor. No experiments!

Why not, if they are healthy? My Felix we have ridden with 13, before he was just gone, he is now 19 and fit. And our Trakehner is now 29 and is still being ridden correctly.

Yeah fifteen is not old

With 15 horses are all the juice. That's zero problem.

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