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I am a long time just riding my pony, but that is lame now. Among the horses of my parents, I have hardly or no contact. But then it started: Which horse do you take in the riding lesson and so on. Now I have no choice because my pony for 2 weeks may not be ridden and I want lessons. Well, then I sat on the old, always love horse which I rode in all gaits 2 years ago without fear and was afraid. I do not know why the horse never goes through or anything but I was afraid. Also, in a different horse that I rode shortly thereafter. He often makes mosquitoes but none the worse (not trotting and then throws times easily the Po) and I was also afraid. I think it's all about to panic because I do not feel well. If a car is on the street next to me I get panic although the horses know that. What can I do? Why did I Anfst I do not know ..

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Yes, this problem I had a few years. How about if you let yourself once take the lunge and there doing exercises.? Just to be looser and you get used to the other steps. And if you're really so uncertain terrain, can you take your RL safe for now as hand horse. It'll be fine :)

I know this sounds stupid, but if I'm afraid to dm horse, I start to sing, hum or horseback to tell something that calms both of us!

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