right dog breed ?! Which?

Hello I and my family would like to adopt a dog. Personally, I think yes Rotweiler very good. And their bad call, I can not understand, it always comes just on the education, then there are very loyal partner and would her master or family do nothing and protect. Ok but I or my Mfamilie have no experience, it is certainly the wrong dog. But because you now know approximately what I ask well find your suggestions. No small dogs. not toooo big dogs. Layer the agent thing. Faithful, protector instinct family-friendly, child friendly .. just a friend: D but also as strong as a lion?

The best answer

Hi asked a different way what you can for the dog because offer?

Do you live on the ground floor?

Since ye must clear out go the her mind with pups every 2-3 hours and with the adults at the end of approximately 3 times per least (!! absolute minimum us!) 1 hour? (3 times 1 hour a day is the minimum for small quiet fellows .....)

Is every day around the clock and a home for the dog, or plans have been made if you times prevented ??

What you want to do for a hobby with the dog?

Do you have enough money for a dog? (Purchase around € 1,000 + Erstausttatung (ca 200, - €)), then come feed cost (approximately 40-60 € per month), taxes and insurance (about 160-200 € per year) and veterinary costs which more than 1,000 € go may, in case of illness or accidents.

After these points you can hire more times looking for a dog, for meeting the criteria at the top of each well-behaved dog;)

And since there are about 450 breeds .... all would enumerate too hard;)

Find a beginner, it is also always advisable to inquire beforehand precisely using the dog schools in the area, often it helps in the search for dog walking the holder to ask me what the have to experience what school because not every dog ​​school is also qualified. And if you can be gripped by the dog school under the arms before I would not rule out a Rotti tend to only really should stop that dwell in the ground floor (because its joints) and, indeed, know that you have to work with the dog on a regular basis, as should also have the wherewithal for möglchen Editions (in some cities, the control is utopian high).

We saved a Mongrel from Russia. A faithful friend, one can not wish :) Also applies to everything what you wish. If there is a * threat * threatens it arises again protectively in front of us :) In my opinion it is a quite different binding when an animal rescues from the shelter or from abroad etc. :)

Always these Beschützerei! Want that the dog attacks man to protect? This is prohibited and is really expensive for the holder.

In reality, beyond Lassie- and other dogs hero movies, it is so that you have to protect the dog, he can expect from you as the pack leader protection, not vice versa!

Turn to a shelter because many dogs waiting on loving hands. Or let you bake, which meets all the criteria that are not there namely a race. Each Hudn is an individual. Faithful SIDN all dogs, even if they are mißhandlet by their owners, family depends on the Soziaisierung and not on the breed, child-friendly as well. Also Rasshunde are not born with built-in functions. Are all dogs, the rest is euere thing.

Australian Sheppard, lots of light LabRod (mixture of Labrador & Rothweiler), German Shepherds are also good: D

Labrador or Dalmatian Australalian Shepherd is also good but needs a proper employment because he is a dog hats like border collie

What do you want with protective instincts? so a dog needs to be done with a lot of responsibility. My dog ​​has a sometimes misplaced protector instinct. I got it but as far as the grip that nothing happens.

Trust is every dog ​​builds a bond to you. I have two hybrids and would do anything for me.

get yourself a quiet, leichtführigen dog. go to the shelter and look around there.

Yes Rottweiler are actually very nice dogs :) Can only confirm the false reputation :)!

How about vlt with a Beagle? :) Find the eigentich also super sweet and cute :)

or vlt a mongrel dog :)?

My uncle has a Spitz mongrel :) and is medium in size. also roughly like a Beagle :)

Hope I could help you :)

Les times over bordeaux bulldog after your thing could be

australian shepherd

As can be seen from the text that you really have no idea of ​​dogs, I would not advise you to a shelter dog. This can be quite go into eyes. Holt you prefer a hybrid. They are very balanced in nature, very tough and you have no fear of hereditary diseases have.

This is a Maremma. ... He needs no HERD, the flock will be YOUR. But they need a lot of space gaaaaaaaanz. Without large garden ... rather not. Lg

Maremmano but unfortunately there hardly in Germany. Are very intelligent, have an amiable character. And are very lernfaehig.

........ And would her master or family do nothing and protect ......... and for this protection thoughts other people angreiffen in bite if they feel threatened, even foreign children who he could make a clumsy movement attacked and tear. all clear

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