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Hello dear connoisseurs! Should one with district court judgment the appeal (ie the courts) have been prohibited, what would be the next step allowed except the European Court and other demonstrations and strikes, etc? Thank you.

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??? A district court judgment always allows for an appeal. Maybe you should only times make smart about what you're about. Appeal not only there, if you will not be condemned. Against an acquittal can not file an appeal you.

The Higher Administrative Court e are today. Mainly appellate and as such responsible for appeals against decisions of the respective dependent administrative courts and appeals against their other decisions Since the reform of the appeals process on 1 January 1997 an appeal will only take place when the High Administrative Court of the appeal previously authorized at the request of a party by a decision or if the administrative court has done in its judgment.

Source: Wikipedia

If the judgment does not provide for appeal, you do not remain, but to accept the verdict and to be paid or to wasauchimmer it went.

What do you mean by been "prohibited"? Not against any official judicial judgment can appeal. This has nothing to do with prohibition but with too little appeal. Feedforward Federal Constitutional Court you can still go. And before the European Court. What to bring it, however, to provide a Jammerpappschild street, I do not see. Ifs You want to do it anyway, but then withdrawing it at Angoraunterwäsche. It is cold!

The next step would be to accept the verdict ...

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