Ritzen - relapsed again and veeery deep inside - counteract scars

I carve me again. For various reasons. Study doof, doof I, longstanding relationship broken. I do it for a long time, but always with interruption. Now it happens again every day. From time to time even several times. My ankles, thighs, stomach and arms are the target.

What you take for wound treatment? Has anyone good experience with a scar removal cream? And if so with what?

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I think there are other routes pain to kanalysieren his, something you do not do that to you, and I'm sorry if it comes across as smart, therefore talked, I think it's just a shame .. if you talk'd like you can me also write private ... if you want to talk because should .. as a cream, I can recommend you anything, except to tell you that you need not do that: / sry ...


It's best to let it all but out of pure experience out I know it's hard and I can not do it .... But never lose hope !!! You should always sore desifiziern say every day 1-2 times ... If you are too deep and gaping or fat tissue are cutting you should immediately go to KH to make sew it. the scars cream: Contractubex is quite good or of Bepanthen ... Hope I could help you :)

desinfiszieren with octenisept, then Bepanthen thick. It's best to ask your doctor what he recommends. Or if you jmd know the nurse is you can ask this safe

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