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namely, it is so that the speedometer always worth going a few percent. In my case, for example, 3 km / h. What is this, if one has been flashed?

Suppose I have been flashed loud speedometer with 46km / h. Does this then mean that quasi these 3 km / h, the speedometer will be deducted indicates be deducted including the 3 km / h tolerance, so I just 40 km / h was quickly at the end of the letter, or are these 3 km / h tolerance of the speedometer inaccurate value, so I eg then with 43 km / h will be held accountable?


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Hello, a speedometer must never show too fast. So he goes "against". Whether he too much going on with 46 3 kmh, it seems to me optimistic, possibly he also just 1 Kmh "before", makes "real" 45 kmh. The tolerance is deducted, so it is for the caution money 42 kmh or 12 too much. Greeting Ralf

The 3 km / h tolerance taken from the measurement result of the flasher.

This is designed for the tolerance of the flasher, means you will with eg 59 km / h real road speed and 62 km / h lt. Flashed speedometer, the measured speed of the Blitzer between 56 km / h and 62 km / h are, of this result benefited expected tolerance of Blitzer's you, so in the best case for you 53 km / h and in the worst case for you 59 km / h can be accused.

Does this then mean that quasi these 3 km / h, the speedometer indicates be deducted ...

It is the instrument care less what your speedometer indicates. The speed that you really are driving is detected.

The tachometer value is irrelevant for the measurement because of speed camera so can not look at the speedometer ....

So are the or 3 km / h abgzogen 3% of the diameter result. However, the measurement result can also own up to 3km / h or deviate 3% and thus ensures that you can be attributed to not run any faster when you went tastsächlich

You will for example. flashed with 56 kmh from the flash unit, then unplug the tolerance. This has nothing with which to do the speedometer in the car.

It is the tolerance of the measured value subtracted - your speedometer is completely irrrelevant

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