Roller pulls no longer on the mountain

Hello, my Rolller Piaggio Typhoon 50 draws no more right when I drive up a hill since last week. When driving suddenly he pulls on the mountain only with 10-25kmh instead of 45 / 50kmh. Why is that? The air filter I already cleaned but that brought little difference. On Roller nothing has changed. Oh now and then the engine does not run smoothly and is almost out when I'm at a traffic light for example ...

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Hello, sometimes leading the way, I never propelled ne TPH 50 Bj.'96.Hatte indeed your problem, but I guess it goes to partly dirty carburetor jets video.This straight track it all over just like that, but when the must then plow motor correctly on the mountain is the power runter.Zerleg times the carburetor that is quite einfach.Das whole thing clean in Spritbad with NEN small brush, the nozzles do not you vergessen.Wenn even on compressed air verfügst would be super, because then everything kannste nicely from it and blow dry.

If you have now built everything back together again machste ne rough adjustment to the carburetor so that the truck picks up again and reasonably well fährt.Nach approx.15 min.Fahrt the engine reaches operating temperature and then kannste fine adjustment vornehmen.Ach yes NEN glance throw the candle would not hurt, either, even quiet about it go times with ner wire brush.

If the fuel line free? Is the so-called "spark face" in order the cylinder head gasket? Is damp? Compression......

Ignition timing?

maybe something wrong with the weights in the variator not or the carburettor is tight. would both check times

Clean the carburetor, clean the nozzles, and possibly ma the settings to the nozzle check (as gas, etc.) Have the with my Derbi Gpr 50 also homemade. If you do not have 2 left hands I'd nich always directly ner expensive workshop go unless you have guaranteed

The workshop - your friend and helper.

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