Roofing in dog fur

Hello! Mir is because recently another mess: the filling of a roof sealant my joyful Labrador ran with its tail in the bucket along. Here something has remained stuck to the tail of the crowd. One no longer gets from now! I have already tried with turpentine (very carefully!) Do I have to wait until it has grown out? That does not confer very nice!

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I got a few days ago a well-functioning Tip of the userin douschka: everything can not simply be cut away at hair, very doll Grease all ... Baby oil, olive oil, margarine ... - I did, because it is the gelatinized paw my dog ​​was a big portion Bepanthen ointment taken ...

Of the olle adhesive paste the next morning was really great softened and I could remove the remnants.

Maybe it helps you so further also ...

All the best

with tar, you should swing the scissors, the hair grows back.

One no longer gets from now!

simply cut, the hair grows quickly after.

Cutting the place out, but does not hurt and is growing again after ...

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