Root law issue.

Can the term (§ represents the radical sign): simplify §2x + y§ §2x-y§ by the first root law: So § (2x + y) (2x-y) §. If not, then why?

The best answer

you can again write something beautiful that perhaps?

especially with staple. so is indeed impossible to detect from which each term the root is to be drawn.

Ah, I understand how you wrote that.


§2x + y§§2x-y§ = § (2x + y) (2x-y) § = $ (4x ^ 2 - y ^ 2) §

Side note: If you can not send any roots, please write in potency Form (p is the root of q is q ^ (1 / p).).

If I have understood it correctly, is your Term:

(2x + y) ^ 0.5 * (2x-y) ^ 0.5

You can also make the power rule advantage you here. The first root law, that is, the first power law is applicable. To arrive at a "Endwurzel", you multiply both latches and pull from the root. Thus you come to the term:

(4x²-Y²) ^ 0.5

If you have any questions, write to me: D

Yes, if a mark is between the roots, you can write under a root both terms;

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