rottweiler, hi I'm 14 years old and would like to buy me a dog, what I mus note

I am 14 years old nd've never had a pet but then I got a little thought and imagined how nice it would be if I times a dog would I bissl nachgelsen what breeds there I want jz not i in ugly dog ​​but also one of the do not look small so still not be a can also take care of me and the rottweiler's jz not a pitbull but a very reliable dog and my question is what should I know what it is about me free live in Bavaria and white what a responsibility as a dog carries with it .. you could me since shed some light?

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The Rottweiler is not a dog for beginners. He is also listed in most provinces as list -Dog. This means that you need for the attitude a negative testimony. Furthermore, you need to 18th

I recommend you to read books about dogs, about dogs seen Seriien (Dog Whisperer, Hundeflüstererin) and once to inform you well. You should first learn what makes a good dog owner.

But as the first dog, I would you rather recommend a peaceful balanced dog that is not too large. Finally you need it can hold when he sees something suddenly on the street.

Hello, I'm a little older and have some life experience and just sometimes thinking something and imagined how nice it would be if only people would be interested in how the Rottweiler for a race who love him for his kind and not because his reputation. Yes, legally bring all the conditions in order to perform such a dog can. The time have for their dog, no longer in school, stuck later training and maybe study. They know very well what kind of a great responsibility and have well-read to the effect. Maybe just something more thought. The one dog can have a good, solid home and their dog protect them from all that may come. The if they have a confidence problem can install an alarm system and make a self-defense course. Oh, how nice would that be.

The breed-specific legislation Bavaria can ergoogeln. Here at GF there are many questions on topics such as: What does a dog? How long can stay alone a dog? etc., simply scour times. Have lots of fun with it.

Please will go and grow up! With 14 you may buy pets because you're incompetent. At 14 you have also not thousands € you have have to walk the dog at all be able to buy. And please in your interest working on your self-esteem, which you seem not to have much and that will always thwart you in life, no matter where. Can only recommend you to look for a hobby where you have a sense of achievement, friends get to know you and appreciate the gathering up more confidence into. Zb climbing :) Or maybe learn self-defense? protect :) Because only do dogs like Lassie, Kommissar Rex on TV - in real life you have to protect your dog, so you can get what you imagine.

If you have the desire to care for a dog, then talk to your parents about it and tried together to find a good solution. Because you can not buy it, yet still own catering .... the need to make your parents.

With a Rottweiler you may until 16 years go Spatzier because it A: applicable in many states as a list Dog and B: You can not keep him at the weight.

Our dog weighs 16kg and is not a list of dog

Costs fall with us at the following:

  • 5.83 Euro dog tax (Our community requires 70, - Euro per year) List dogs usually cost so around 600 euros per year
  • 5.92 Euro liability
  • 35.00 Euro Feed (We Barfen) with you would be the easy double
  • 37.90 health insurance
  • 30,00 reserves (necessary here due to medication, but should also be otherwise, of course)

Are almost 120, - Euro.

Otherwise, you should visit a good nonviolent dog training school to train your dog properly and prepare him for the character test and up the proficiency examination.

Yet to every morning, noon and evening go Spatzier. Overall minimum 1.5 hours daily. That's not enough a normal dog but why one soltle go Spatzier not only stubborn but also nose job must be offered. Track work is super in many dogs.

And another important point gaaanz. The dog must stay alone never more than 4 hours. And certainly not daily. Are your parents working? Can you spare the time anyway? And what if you finish school, begin training or studying going? Or you drive on vacation? Even more so, you should get you a puppy, may be left of the first 6 months not alone. He must learn in time only.

It's all up to you.

I live in Bavaria and also knows not even leading for responsible as a dog with it .. you could me since shed some light?

Bayern in the Rottweiler is classified as a dangerous dog and is thus guided as list dog. For the attitude of such dogs must be 18 years old, have a certificate of competence, and the dog made a mental test. Furthermore, an increased tax rate is due for a list Dog, 800 EUR!

With a list of Dog You can not go walkies as minors.

Also you can only buy once you're an adult dog!

A dog is not intended to push your ego. Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder. A dog will not protect you but you have your dog.

Jo clearly is a no rotti Pitt, otherwise the Rotti would not be a rotti but a pitt, geddit?

You can buy with 14 alone almost garnix. Your parents must always agree. Then you are not able to to look after a dog, you are (or. If) at school and do not have time. And you have no money for a dog even if you were young children steal the lunch money.

I advise you'll first adult and Inform yourself what it means to have a dog. Of this you have no imagination and forget very quickly a Rotti, plus you do not have the spiritual maturity. That would be just another dog would confirm the stupid cliché of evil Rotti.

Hi, this is not possible because you're underage. There is no possibility!

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