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So. I and my friends go soon threes (WITHOUT PARENTS!) In a half-German half French city called Wissembourg. We go there all alone by train back and stay there for several hours. We want to shop in a French Super Marche, walk and experience other things. Do not worry, I'll soon 15, my girlfriend is 14 and the other is very soon 14, so old enough. I urgently need a map / guide / directions (Michelin ka), where I can plan our route through the city and then go off. Do you have suggestions on which you trust? I am looking forward to good answers and your help :) -eure Kamillechai

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Wissembourg is a nice small town where you can you hardly run. Get your just a small map "initiative Syndicat d' 'from when you're there. That will do.

PLAN WISSEMBOURG - Carte France > ...> Bas-Rhin>

Wissembourg on this page set plan WISSEMBOURG: Imprimer le plan de Wissembourg 67160 Bas-Rhin Alsace - plan des rues, carte satellite et relief de Wissembourg.

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