rueckkaufvertrag for a breed dog

I've sold a breed dog before 1 year. Now the buyer has a few days gewannt at me and wanted me to admit my first refusal. I agreed. Got the contract with their signature I sent back yesterday at her. Now they'd like to have a litter and then make I could pick up the dog. Target But according to contract on 01/04 the first 400 paying and picking up the remaining 300 incl. Roentgen examination results. My question is where are now my rights and duties?

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As the ends depends on how far the buyer is ready to go.

Per Vertrrag no litter is indeed mentioned and the collection takes place, after payment, as usual. In principle, if that is not explicitly mentioned in the contract, the condition of the dog care (supporting or not). It is there for you to to get the dog, even if she is pregnant.

The problem arises when the woman does not give the bitch out. Until that is challenged in court, the puppies are born and sold.

However, you could the dog pay by purchase agreement COMPLETELY. He is legally in your possession. The profits from the union would then be yours. This you could then sue.

However, it is strongly on how a judge sees.

Just as it sounds to me like your description, the woman has deceived you. The 400 euro could even be used by it for the stud fee, which exacerbated the situation, because then it would deliberate fraud. But the very fact that they AFTER they signed the contract, changes the conditions, is brash.

Everything just my opinion. I would already be on the way to specialized lawyer.

Stand this a union with the Treaty? If not, then there is no legal basis for it. As contractually agreed, you pay by 1.4. the 400 Euro. Then you could actually bring the dog immediately and fully pay off. Actually ..... that this is a union would not.

Tricky question.

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