S4 Mini shows WhatsApp messages not at Notifications

Standing on top ... Normally the WhatsApp message you want to appear in the upper left corner, so you can see at the small WhatsApp characters. If I unlock my phone and go to the main screen and the WhatsApp see, so the app itself from the main menu, then there is also normally if I get a message a small 1, 2, 3 ... but not with me! Since the messages appear in the chat only when I open the app (since this afternoon)! Nervt really and I ask for immediate help!


The best answer

So I got the s4 large. But you have to know that the Main Menu whatsapp only the 1,2,3, ... indicates when you have whatsapp plus. In other not. Vlt you have times when settings iwas watch ... or you switch push notification to. That's when you have a message, the message is immediately, wherever you are degree there in your mobile, display.

This problem I have unfortunately -.- you have to activate pop-ups at the WhatsApp alerts (any) then get back to normal alerts.

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